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Behind every great brand is a great plan. We take the time to sit with you and develop your brand the way you want - and even in ways you don'now how. With a clear vision and a workable plan in place we can assist any business or organisation to build a diverse brand strategy that lasts a lifetime.


Developing the look and feel of your brand. Our design stage includes logos, themes, formatting, typesetting, colour schemes, and more. We also develop this into a style guide that sets out all the unique components of your brand.


We transform designs into practical, professional-looking resources that bring your brand to life. TBD can deliver a complete package of resources, both online and in print format, so you can get your brand out there.

Build it

TBD are at the forefront of website design, delivering the most up-to-date features and ultimate usability. If you can think it, we can do it. Your website is the digital gateway to your business, which is why it's so important to have a fast, appealing and memorable site that works for you.

Sell it

E-Commerce websites are becoming an increasingly popular way to do business online. TBD can build your integrated or dedicated e-commerce site with seamless navigation and payment processes, achieving more customer conversions through user satisfaction.

Spruik it

The traditional marketplace has been transformed, and it's not always easy to know how to make it work for you. As experts in online, TBD can tailor comprehensive e-marketing campaigns that get you the attention and results you need. It's our personalised, stand-out approach that positions you in front of your competitors.


Every TBD website can be converted to a compatible site for mobile phones, tablets and other devices. But sometimes you need a dedicated mobile site that performs specifically for the individual on the move. Our mobile site development service offers the best in mobile performance.


TBD specialises in creating apps that are simple, effective and enjoyable for users across iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows devices. Whether it's for a business, organisation or individual, we work closely with you to get the best look and functionality possible for any type of app.


Need an app just for your business? TBD can create dedicated business apps that are used internally by staff and executives to manage communication, improve business processes and deliver more efficient results. The app will be distributed securely to each member of your business through a nominated device.

Going Social

Humans are social creatures - and now, businesses are too. "Socialising" your brand, service, or product is essential to business growth and connectivity. But done wrong, it can be a huge waste of effort and resources. This is where TBD's knowledge and experience can serve you best. We can develop your social media strategy with short, medium and long-term goals.

Looking Social

With so many social media platforms out there, it's important your business is represented consistently through the design of your social brand. We can create branded, visually appealing social profiles that tell your story in a personal yet professional way, and start populating your social media pages.

Staying Social

It's important to keep your customers and followers informed with regular updates to maximise your social efforts. TBD offers full management of social media across your whole social media presence, including content and visual design updates.

We love what we do
and we think you will too.

The heart of TBD Studio is a passion for design. Troy and Chris love design that does more than just create a new look. Because to them, design should be a direct and all encompassing reflection of a clients product, service and organisation, TBD Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio working primarily within brand design and visual communication applied through design, print, web and social medias.

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